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Join us at our
Welcome Day in our new city studio!


Saturday, 3 February
509 Flinders St, Townsville City

Come and experience our beautiful new studio - try out some free classes, chai tea and bliss balls - plus ask any questions you like!

Our Welcome Day schedule

8.00am - Pilates (30 min)
8.30am  - Barre (30 min)

9.00am - Flow Yoga (45 min)
9.45am - Ashtanga Yoga (45 min)
10.30am - Yin Yoga (45 min)

11.15 am - Chai Tea + Q&A (15 min)

11.30am - Detox Yoga (45 min)
12.15pm - Power Yoga (45 min)
1.00pm - Bliss Balls & Chai

(Closed 1.15pm - 4.00pm)

4.00pm Restorative Yin Yoga (60 min)
5.00pm Zen Thai Yoga & Massage Mini Workshop (45 min)


 Book your classes to ensure there's a spot for you!



If you missed it, we'll be having a Welcome Day special! But, you must be there to be in on it. Max 2 per client. Can be scheduled to start when current membership ends.


See you there!