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Join us for our Winter Open Day


Monday 2 July Show Day Public Holiday!
509 Flinders St, Townsville City

Its cold outside, but its warm and cosy in our studio, infrared heat lights gently warm your skin and shift out the winter congestion. Stiffness and aches wash away and your cheeks start to glow with vitality.

Our WINTER OPEN Day schedule

8.00am - Power Yoga (45 min)
8.45am  - Barre (30 min)

9.30am - All Ages Barre Class (45 min) 
10.15am - Pilates (45 min)

11.15am - Detox Flow Yoga (45min)
12.15am - Restorative Yin Yoga (45 min)

1.00pm - Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)
1.30pm - Meditation

Its free to book in for classes but we ask for an optional gold coin donation at the door that will go to the Elephant Nature park which provides a sanctuary for mistreated elephants.  Book your classes below to ensure there's a spot for you! 



If you haven't heard, we'll be having a Winter Open Day Special! But, you must be there to be in on it. Max 2 per client. Can be scheduled to start when current membership ends.


See you there!