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30 Day Challenge


  • Unlimited Classes
  • Weekly Stress Reduction Class
  • Cooking and Nutrition Workshops
  • Cookbook
  • Weekly Masterclass


Master Classes
A specially themed yoga class to take you on a journey to create positive changes
Weekly Monday 6.30pm - 7.45pm
Catch up option: Wed 8pm and Fri 6am

Stress Reduction Classes
Unwind and reset for the week with a stress reduction class focused on meditation, mindfulness or pranayama (breathing).
Weekly Sunday 10.45am

Clean Eating and Nutrition
Cooking Workshop


$150 Upfront
$32 p/w direct debit (5 payments)
$50 Members

WEEK 1: 

  • Physical Theme: Alignment
  • Insight: Setting clear intentions sankalpa
  • Stress Reduction Class: Meditation

WEEK 2: 

  • Physical Theme: Core Strength and Cleanse
  • Insight: Ignite inner fire to sustain the discipline for change
  • Stress Reduction Class: Pranayama (breathing class)

WEEK 3: 

  • Physical Theme: Long and Strong
  • Insight: Mastering the reactive mind: becoming aware of subconscious patterns
  • Stress Reduction Class: Mindfulness and Mindful Eating


  • Physical Theme: Power and Balance
  • Insight: Fearlessly stepping into the unknown and letting go of old patterns
  • Stress Reduction Class: Pranayama (breathing class)

WEEK 5: 

  • Physical Theme: Inversions accessible for all levels
  • Insight: Create a new samskara (pattern) and give it a life force
  • Stress Reduction Class: Kundalini Meditation
Earlier Event: October 17
Yoga & Healthy Living Beginners Course