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Flow & Release - Earth Element

  • Lighten Up 509 Flinders Street Townsville City, QLD, 4810 Australia (map)

Why you'll love it

Spend two hours with Michael releasing knots in the body and grounding your energy with gentle flow yoga and fascial unwinding. The practice focuses on the Earth element according to Chinese Medicine. We’ll be gently stretching the deeper aspects of the body improving flexibility and joint mobility. The movements and myofacial release techniques will help to get energy flowing in the earth element meridians lines, including the stomach and spleen. 

In your life, the power of the Earth Element allows you to feel abundant and nurtured. These organs help us to take in nourishment in the form of food and turn it into our life force energy. Your body will feel more nourished and supported, leaving you with a deeper appreciation and renewed sense of body awareness. 

This practice will especially serve you if you are living at a face pace, feeling off balance, undernourished, stressed and is particularly helpful for those with congestion, digestive issues or who have experienced imbalanced eating habits (e.g. overeating or under eating). Its also a great practice for those who spend lots of time nurturing others but not nurturing themselves! Everyone is welcome and this practice is suited for people who haven't done yoga before. There will also be some adjustments to your body through body work, so make sure you are okay with giving or receiving touch.

How much? $35