Our yoga style and class types.


Our variety is our biggest asset, each class has its own style outlined below, and we keep it fresh with new feature postures and themes every two weeks so you are always growing and developing with us. It flows from our intention to create a meaning experience for you! You can follow our fortnightly themes on our Facebook page. 



Flow Yoga


Flow Yoga will have you peaced out like a Sunday afternoon on the beach. Moving with the breath, this class will start with a long warm stretch to ease you into some more dynamic postures and then gently bring you back down to the mat for some sweet, slow deep stretches so you can leave all your worries behind. A great balance between dynamic and restorative poses. This is the perfect class to take when your just not sure if you have the energy to face the world, it will slowly rebuild you from the ground up and send you away walking on clouds! Our Detox Yoga class is the heated version of this, to get beginners accustomed to a heated practice.


Detox Yoga


Do you have a toxic build up, lack energy or trouble loosing weight? This flowing class is set at 30 degrees, its just enough heat to sweat out all the toxins without exhausting an already tired body. The infrared rays will penetrate deeply into your body and help you to excrete toxic build up from alcohol, drugs, food additives, pesticides & other pollutants. Increasing the core temperature will also help kick latent infections in the body, sinuses, & the skin. We will also help you to squeeze any toxic thoughts right out of your head, as these can do the most damage of all! Infrared light therapy and detoxifying Yoga poses  will send you home with glowing skin, vibrant energy & an inner radiance.




You want core strength, you want tone and you want great posture! Pilates is the class for you! Build core strength in you abs, glutes and back to increase muscle tone and reduce injuries. Pilates is practiced by many professional athletes, from football players to dancers because they recognise its importance in functional strength, balance, rehabilitation and injury prevention. After a regular Pilates practice you will walk away with sculpted muscles, improved strength, great coordination and a posture that exudes confidence.


Yin Yoga


Yin is highly healing and regenerative leaving your body with a deep sense of peace, lightness and openness you might never have experienced from a regular practice! We hold poses for longer so your muscles relax allowing the connective tissue to open up, this often provides an emotional release as well as effortlessly improving flexibility. Yin Yoga is based on Taoist Yoga and utilises the meridian lines to release deep blockages from the body, improving the flow of chi. We support your body with bolsters, straps and blocks so you can melt completely. 

Restorative Yoga


Similar to Yin Yoga but supported by more blocks, bolsters and props designed to maximise comfort and ease so that your nervous system calms right down and you enter into a deep state of rest and healing. Its great for people that feel tired but wired. Those in need of rest but not able to calm down easily. Restorative yoga is in fact better than sleep for releasing tense muscles, relieving joint aches, and transitioning the mind and body quickly from stress to calm. 



If you want bouncing off the walls perky buns, toned pins and arms, then Barre is the class for you! Fusing the benefits of ballet style dance training, Yoga and Pilates to give you the perfect tone and posture of a dancer in an easy to follow, fun class. The class has an emphasis on improving strength and tone so we slow the pace down to encourage muscle control and safe technique. There is no dance routines to learn; classes are suitable for casual participation and beginners but also loved by the little girl in us that misses dancing and moving with a little poise!

Yin Yang Yoga


This is the perfect mild headed class for those that need a bit more balance in their life! Starting out with a stronger standing and balance poses to generate heat and energy in the body. We will burn away the stress and frustration from your day. We then calm you down with deeply regenerative long held postures that stimulate your meridian lines to remove stuck energy and heal the body. The perfect evening class to cleanse you from your day and prepare you for a blissful sleep!

Power Yoga

SUITED FOR SOMEONE who likes a strong but not advanced practice

Strong body, strong mind, strong practice. This class is not advanced but it will build strength and stamina. Yes your body will get a work out from your practice but we will also help soothe and focus a busy mind. We move, we release and we grow! Moving in waves of effort and relaxation your body will feel in perfect balance and harmony. Simple, strengthening and easy to follow. We leave plenty of time for a deep stretches and relaxation at the end. 

Ashtanga Yoga

SUITED FOR SOMEONE who likes a strong but not advanced practice

Purify your mind and body. Building internal heat, this fluid class will help to clear away physical and mental blockages that stand in your way. A set sequence that is adapted from the traditional Ashtanga Primary series, this practice has a strong sense of purpose that forces you to focus and grow. Ashtanga yoga is for you if embrace challenge and you love structure. Each class is very similar so you get to know the sequence like a pro! As you flow smoothly between the familiar poses you can direct your focus more inwards to rediscover your true source of power. We give you the chance to try some inversions at the end of the practice or an easier alternative if not. 





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