Yoga Australia and Health Funds

Yoga has become an accepted part of the Australian health-care system and growing numbers of health insurance funds are now paying benefits for yoga. Yoga Australia Registered Teacher status is the ‘gold standard’ that provides Funds with the quality assurances they are seeking.

Yoga, health and health insurance are increasingly becoming of interest to a broad range of people in our community. In these pages Yoga Australia provides information, including research findings, about yoga and how it relates to health and health insurance, for the benefit of the broader community including those who may currently attend classes taught by Yoga Australia Registered Teachers, those who may be considering attending yoga classes, or yoga students considering their private health insurance options.

Below and in the ‘health fund information for registered teachers’ and ‘health fund information for students’ pages you will find a list of health funds that provide benefits for attendance at yoga classes. Yoga Australia gratefully acknowledges these health funds for supporting the health benefits of practising yoga and encourages its members and students to acknowledge this support in their health insurance choices.


Funds that provide rebates for yoga classes.