The benefits of Infrared Heat and how hot yoga heals from the inside out


So you’ve tried a detox hot yoga class and perhaps you’ve felt some of the immediate benefits on the mat such as reduced joint and muscle pain or increased flexibility? But do you know about all the amazing work these near infrared rays are doing to the rest of your body? Well let’s explore, shall we! 

What is your toxic intake?

Have a think about all the chemicals we are exposed to in modern life. Due to this high volume of exposure to unnatural substances, our bodies natural elimination functions need a helping hand. The near infrared heat used in our Hot Yoga classes is an incredibly powerful way of eliminating toxic chemicals from your body, which have been absorbed from the food you eat, your environment, the air you breathe and the chemically-laden beauty products you smooth all over your skin. 

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Founder of Lighten Up, Bec Dore and her husband Brendan first found out about Near Infrared Rays after Brendan's GP/ Naturopath Dr Peter Holsman recommend a Near Infrared Light Sauna to help eliminate the toxic levels of aluminium Brendan had in his body. They were so high they were off the range displayed in the charts! The Infrared Sauna and a nutritional program reduced this toxic metal by 50% on his tests after 6 months, as well as a reduction in mercury and lead. This inspired Bec, a traditional Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, to fall in love with hot yoga!

Do you think you sweat enough because you live in NQ?

Most people assume that we sweat enough because we live in North Queensland, think again! What most people don't understand is that the science shows infrared heat induced sweat contains around 7 times more toxins, fat and impurities than normal sweat! The specific temperature of the hot yoga studio means you are actively sweating throughout the practice, allowing these toxins and wastes to escape through the skin. Your kidneys and liver get a helping hand and your skin actually starts to restore it’s own natural ability to eliminate toxins, after being rather inactive and congested due to our overactive lifestyles and high exposure to chemicals. 

With less toxins in the body, we also see less toxins being stored in our fat (hello reduced cellulite!), increased skin elasticity and a more radiant appearance.

weight loss with infrared

The infrared heat allows you to burn twice the calories, as it boosts your metabolism and works on reducing your body fat, as well as increasing the production of energy in the body allowing you to work harder faster, without increasing blood pressure or leaving you feeling fatigued. 

Does all this sound too good to be true? Wondering how on earth these near Infrared rays can actually speed up your Metabolism?

Your metabolism speeds up as the power plants of the cells (the mitochondria) produce more energy (ATP). This makes if easier for you to work out as you feel motivated and full of energy! You will also feel more energy due to the activation of colour sensitive chemicals (chromophores & cytochrome systems) to depths of 23 centimetres which will stimulate energy processes in the cells. 

You might be wondering if there is any research to prove that near infrared rays can actually help you lose weight? Yes there is! A study of 20 women riding stationary bicycles 3 times per week for 4 weeks whilst exposed to near infrared rays on average, lost 8 cm’s or 444% more as compared with the 20 women doing the same exercise without Near Infrared Heat


Tissue regeneration is improved (making it the perfect recovery session for athletes) and blood circulation is improved to areas of discomfort, which is why many people feel less joint and muscle pain when they’re on the mat in our Hot Yoga Classes. The deeply penetrating heat also helps the body fight off bacteria, viruses and infections in the body, as well as enhancing the function of your white blood cells and in turn your immunity. Less sick days and a healthy, happy body – win, win!


And finally, we can’t go past the amazing benefits to our nervous system. Yoga is already an amazing way to bring our bodies into a relaxed and calm state, which is the only way for us to actually move into a parasympathetic state (your rest response in the nervous system), required for detoxification, repair of cells and digestion. Hot yoga takes this one step further by enhancing the detoxification process and making is easier for us to move into that state of rest and relaxation within the body. Our modern day lifestyles are hectic and stressful to say the least, and often when coupled with high intensity exercise can leave us with our sympathetic nervous system activated all the time. Burn out occurs, the body begins to struggle coping with the demands being placed on it, and the body starts to accumulate more and more toxins. This is where hot yoga provides the body with a chance to slow down and detoxify, as it inhibits the sympathetic nervous system and restores balance in the body.


We’ve heard so many amazing stories from our members on how hot yoga has improved their skin conditions, sinus problems, pain management and even their sleeping patterns, so we will soon begin sharing some personal member stories on Facebook so keep an eye out for that. Please email Bec to share your story at If you’re keen to incorporate more hot yoga into your routine, we have hot yoga classes on every day of the week. To check out the timetable and book, click here.

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