Meet Tanika

Once I start talking about yoga I generally can't stop... I do swear once here so I hope that's ok, I couldn't think of any other words to accurately describe what I feel!

I remember the first class I ever went to at Lighten Up. Bec was teaching. It was cold outside and the heat inside the 40 degree studio made me feel like it was summer again. Many of my classes I attended after that were run by either Bec or Michael, both incredible and down to Earth people. I remember I had practiced a bit of yoga before and felt drawn to it but yoga at Lighten Up broadened my love for the practice and more importantly the way of life that is yoga.

Lighten Up to be put quite simply is no bullshit. As someone who values honesty, authenticity and integrity that really means a lot to me. The community and the vibe makes me feel amazing every time I visit. After a year of travel, struggling and working hard on myself to create positive change I still call Lighten Up one of my favourite places in Townsville. Yoga has been a part of my life for a long time now, but Lighten Up propelled my love for it into new dimensions.

Though the physical practice has come and gone in waves, the mental, spiritual and emotional integration of yoga in my daily life has moved me gently over some bumps. I have become less fearful, stronger in my self, more compassionate for others and very importantly myself, and I am more aware of the subtle and great changes in life. I learnt to do less resisting and more leaning in to life; much like what is taught in yoga practice. I have learnt to be more honest and gentler with myself and others. I have learnt more about practicing self love and self worth. Yoga has changed me... No... It guided me to who I really am and showed me not to be afraid of that.

Like anything in life it's a process, there is always something else to learn and something else to be challenged on. It's learning every time I step on the mat ...

It's learning when I tune in to what my body is doing or when I'm having emotions I don't understand. It's learning every day, it's movement and it's liberating. I just love yoga and am grateful for it in all its forms, I don't know who I would be without it. Now with a little girl wriggling inside my womb the yoga practice itself is certainly more interesting and gentle but exploring the practice in this way is just delicious. Who knows, maybe I'll have a little yoga baby!

Rebecca DoreComment