Yoga Teacher Training 
Start your journey into a new life 



After Yoga Teacher Training we are not the same, yet we are more ‘us’ that we have ever been. We shed layers, we shed conditioning, limitations and learn new ways of being. We learn to open doors that seemed closed to us before, find new possibilities for our life experience. That is ultimately why we do it.

Curiosity is what pulls us in, its a curiosity about yoga but more so a curiosity about ourselves, about life, about the mind and about the body. That is the prerequisite. You don’t have to have been practicing for a set number of years to be ready. It’s the inner calling that tells you if you are ready. Trust that, not what someone on a yoga blog says. You know you, don’t accept anyone else's limitations. Our Teacher Training will teach you how to be a yoga teacher, you don’t have to already have it. We got you!


You don’t have to to have an ‘advanced’ physical practice. If it is fear of your physical limitations that is stopping you, please get out of your own way. Yoga is not about that. The physical practice is only part of it, focus on what you can do. The most important thing you have to teach the world is who you are at the core of your being, and helping them to attune to themselves to discover who they are. The physical practice is just one of many tools yoga will give you.

You don't have to be sculpted, lanky, hot, young, cool or bohemian to be a Yoga Teacher. You don’t have to become all zen and contemplative. You don’t have to be perky and sweet all the time. You don’t have to adopt the Yoga image to be a Yoga Teacher, in fact our training specifically encourages against that! Ignore the marketing and listen to your soul. She/he has the answers and knows your way. We place a big emphasis on authenticity and connecting to your personal dharma.

Its okay if you are considering doing yoga teacher training for yourself. Many people do complete their training just to explore, to deepen their love of yoga and fully immerse themselves in everything it has to offer. 


2019 TENTATIVE Dates

Module 1: Friday 13- Sun 15 Sept
Module 2: Fri 27 - Sun 29 Sept
Module 3: Fri 18 - Sun 20 Oct
Module 4: Fri 1 Nov - Sun 3 Nov
Retreat: Thurs 21 - Sun 24 Nov

We are accepting applications now, and dates will be finalised before any deposit is required by students.

Price includes

- 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Qualification
- Eligibility to register with Yoga Alliance and teacher in Australian and abroad
-16 Training Days + Practice Teaching and assisting Real Classes
- 4 Day Fully Catered Residential Retreat
- Training Manual and Text Book

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Early Bird $3,850 (if paid by 1 August 2019) $4100 there after. A $300 deposit is required when your application is accepted and the remainder prior to the commencement of Module 1.


A $300 deposit is required when your application is accepted. An additional $400 is required prior to the commencement of Module 1. The balance is payable by weekly instalments of $68. Weekly instalments usually commence at the end of Module 1, but can be started early by student request. Please note that payment plan costs a little more than upfront due bank fees for direct debit.