Isabel Ender

Isabel quite literally stumbled across yoga when she took a Forrest Yoga class with her sister, and was blown away by the powerful effect it had on her body and mind. Having only done a handful of yoga classes in her life she signed up for a 200hr Forrest Yoga teacher training course in the US, pretty much out of curiosity and to explore how else yoga could affect her. Forrest Yoga is a relatively new style of yoga, which incorporates traditional asanas with a novel twist to address the stresses and pains in our bodies from modern day life, such as lower back tightness, shoulder pains and neck aches caused by deskwork. The deep breathing and long holding of positions means one can get access to the core of tense parts in the body and gradually relieve stored tension, whether emotional or physical, in a safe and liberating way.

Isabel never envisaged she would be teaching after completing her training but is loving the opportunity to share her passion for yoga at Lighten Up.  As a Marine Biologist she works full time for The Manta Trust, an NGO that dedicates itself to the research and conservation of manta rays around the world. “Spending time underwater scuba diving with manta rays gives me an incredible feeling of inner peace and happiness. This is what yoga does to me when I’m out of the water. It enables me to feel completely alive and connected to myself – and that’s why I love it so much!”