Michael Blades

Michael is passionate about teaching yoga as he sees the very rhythm of life reflected through the different postures. As we bring mindfulness into our yoga practice we find our way to a balance between effort and ease in our daily lives. Michael is currently working towards a degree in Psychology, and as such inspired by the mounting evidence based research that supports the positive affect that yoga has on mental health which he has also experienced first hand. Michael says “the practice of yoga has helped me to find my own peace and rhythm in life, to simply be more present in my body, my thoughts and my relationships”. It was this inspiration that led Michael to want to share the practice of yoga and teach it to others. Like Bec, Michael is also trained in Vinyasa Yoga.

Before discovering yoga Michael played and coached state league basketball for twenty years, played first grade rugby league and representative touch football. Michael loves to inspire athletes to give yoga a try as it is excellent for injury prevention, recovery and improving stability.