Ruby Holmes

Ruby was lucky to have been exposed to the practice of yoga from a young age by her grandmother, who was one of South Australia’s first yoga teachers. This beautiful gift helped Ruby through many ups and downs in her life and helped her to grow as a person. She decided that she wanted to be able to share what yoga has given her with others and become a yoga teacher.  She completed her training at an renowned eco-yoga community where she lived and learnt intensively, allowing herself to be completely be immersed in the practice of yoga. It was in this sacred space that she found her identity as a teacher. 

"Through teaching yoga, I want to help people to experience the connection with body, mind and heart yoga creates. Yoga has amazing healing, rejuvenating and transformative powers; I want to encourage people to step on the mat and keep coming back so they can experience these benefits. I want my classes to creating a moving mediation were people can disconnect from the stresses of their regular day to day life. I hope to encourage and inspire people to let yoga into their lives and help them along their path."