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 509 Flinders St, Townsville City



Join us in Douglas

please note that riverside community centre has re-opened following flood repairs.
All classes are as per the timetable below.

Please be sure to check your class location is correct.

STUDIO ONE - Riverside Gardens Community Centre, 55 Riverside Boulevard, Douglas
STUDIO TWO - Learn Naturally Studio, 2/237 Riverside Boulevard, Douglas



Booking your classes

We recommend you book in for a class through MINDBODY Online, available both on iPhone and Android to reserve a space in class. It's super easy, and you can cancel up to an hour before class if something comes up. If you need help booking, please get in touch via phone or email, and we'd love to help you out. If you prefer not to book you are welcome to drop in, but because people love our classes - we just can't guarantee that we will always room! Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances could also mean that our regular timetable may change a little without too much notice, when you use the booking system you will see these temporary changes. We also recommend staying in touch for important updates via our social media channels, via Facebook and Instagram, just incase! 


Have a fitness passport?

If you have a fitness passport, the booking process is a bit different on your first visit. You can come to your first class without booking, and we will set you up with a membership in our system. You will need to bring photo ID and your fitness passport card with you to class and once we sight this we can set you up with  free access to classes. You still need to sign the fitness passport sheet at the front of the room for every class you attend. If you don't sign the sign in sheet you will have to pay for the class yourself, fitness passport will only cover the class if you have signed the sign in sheet so make sure you don't forget.  After you are all set up you then need to ensure you book in for your classes to make sure we have plenty of space.  You can download the booking Ap on iPhone and Android 

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